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Midsole - where the wind in 2020 is blowing!

How can we dispel the gloomy days of pandemic in 2020? We hope that our exclusive soles will make your day. The prevalent air is that brands which have a true and strong design and aesthetic DNA will increase their appearance in the market. 

According to our surveys of 180 people randomly picked, it seems that the chunky sneakers, mom and dad shoes have peaked and are over now. However, when showing photos of our latest collection, it was over the expectation that we were replied with “Woww'' and “Brilliant" for almost every design. While the big players seem to fall behind with this pattern, we are now focusing on the forgotten detail - midsole!

Our midsoles are just exclusive and no elsewhere to get, to confess. Although its appearance may mislead to a cumbersome and unbreathable impression, just don't judge it in the blink of an eye. 

The total weight of the sneakers is much lighter than it looks. The vigorous curves sooner or later will shine a light on the dark days of the epidemic. 

The upper are made of fine and sustainable fibre which is chosen with all of our heart and soul. No wonder it will not only give you the breathable feeling but you can also experience the cloudy footsteps

It took us even months to create the colourways of these masterpieces, with respect to the whole-hearted recommendations and feedback from our testers. As continuing the trend of chunky sneakers, we progress into a higher level of colour-block footwears. Bold, bright, dynamic, and always different, color creates space for self-expression and connection, paving the way to a future where our many differences can be our greatest strength.




All situations applied, imagine you are investing in a 3-in-1 bargain. Walk it to the workplace, train it in a gym, show it on roadways, or just jog it to the grocery stores. Wherever you are, it can be your sole mate.