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The sneaker time machine is always in motion. All top designers have embodied the athleisure trend onto high-fashion silhouettes. Whether your style is flirty and preppy or edgy and chic, there is a sneaker that can complement it. An unconventional idea, but sneakers are more versatile than you’d think.

Sneakers with jeans

This combination would never go out of date. It’s an evergreen in our community, never really disappearing. 




Sneakers with dresses

It is a rooted idea that dresses should only be worked with high heels, oxford shoes and so on. But if you are sportier and more chic than those heels, then give this mix a try and get impressed. 

Skirt is great


Shorts are greater


But dress is extraordinarily great


All-white...hmm… A white leather sneaker is not a trend in my eyes. It is iconic. Cuz it matches whatever colour you wear. This one is must-have, my dear.

Warning: Please don't put on too many accessories or else you will drown yourself.


Sneakers with suits

Well, have you done that before? Instead of classic leather dark-coloured shoes, you can always give your outer appearance a younger, sportier and more dynamic look with sneakers. Sneakers with a vest? You know this mix is absolutely noteworthy in applicable situations such as normal working days, proms, dinners,... but not too formal cases, right?


casual suit ideas for women street style

Sneakers with trousers

… for both minimal lifestyle and even fashion runways. Make sure the length of your trousers are so long that they cover all the soles and risk you falling on the street. A 90s retro trend is also on the rise with polo shirt or knit shirt, plus a well colour-matched trousers, finishing with an all-white sneakers or a pair of dad shoes. What is more perfect for a casual outfit?



Even if you are not a sneakerhead, you can always pave your own way. Share us your brilliant idea on the comment box below <3